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Letting light in while keeping out UV rays, adding shelter and security. Turn your canopy into an extra space to use as a new room.

Create versatility, light and space when you add a high-quality and durable canopy or awning to the outside of your business or home. UPVC, or unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, is an incredibly hardwearing and thermally efficient material commonly used to create high-quality and weatherproof windows, doors, sidings, and pipework.

UPVC installations are energy rated to conform with the latest Building Regulations and can help trap heat in your business and home. This thermal efficiency could translate into lower heating and energy bills, saving you money across the lifetime of your installation. The hard-wearing nature of UPVC also slashes any maintenance costs, with the glazed walls requiring nothing more than cleaning with soap and water to continue to look their best for many years to come.

All of our UPVC glazed options can be treated to block UV rays, helping to prevent UV damage to people or items under the canopy. Your business or home benefits from additional sunlight while also staying sheltered and safe from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays.

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Maximum security shutters that can roll up and down manually or by remote control.

Constructed from long lasting and durable steel or aluminium, roller shutters give versatility and security to your outdoor space. Use your canopy to provide a shaded, sheltered space outside during the day and deploy your secure, lockable roller shutters to create a safe storage space overnight. Roller shutters added to an expertly installed canopy or awning from Inside2Outside can easily be added to an existing alarm or security system, making them instantly an integral part of the safety of your building. And with their design geared towards security, adding a bullet lock or secure keyway is a simple way to increase security further.

Roller shutters can be operated manually with a hand-winch or can be upgraded with electronic opening devices. Whether you choose to use a remote control or a switch, opening and closing your shutters is as simple as touching a button.

But Inside2Outside’s range of fully installed and secure roller shutters don’t just give peace of mind, they can also be an attractive additional to any home or business. With powder-coating offering a long-lasting and hard-wearing surface in a wide range of colours, our roller shutters can be matched to your branding or existing external aesthetic. Whether colour-matching or adding a pop of contrast, we’re certain you’ll find a good-looking option in a hue that matches your needs.


Clear sides that roll up and down for adaptable shelter whatever the weather.

If you’re looking for the flexibility of a closed sided canopy but without sacrificing natural light, then our clear PES (polyethersulfone) panels could be the solution for you. With acrylic lacquer on both sides and an anti-microbial and ant-fungal coating, these panels are designed to be both hard-wearing and attractive options for cladding canopies and awnings.

Lighter and easier to manually operate than metal roller shutters, roller walls can easily be rolled or unrolled by hand. Their lighter design also makes them a safer option in playgrounds and schoolyards where heavy metal shutters may pose a risk to children’s safety.

With UV filtering, these roller walls can provide the benefits of natural sunlight while also keeping people and items safe from the harmful effects of the sun. The weatherproof design means space created with a professionally installed canopy or awning from Inside2Outside can be used year-round, giving you an outdoor area that can be utilised for all manner of activities year-round.

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Soft protection against canopy legs. Useful in an environment with children.

Maximising the safety and usability of your outdoor space is at the core of everything we do at Inside2Outside. That’s why we also offer optional padding for the base of your canopy or awning. Our incredibly hard-wearing and durable design means some elements of your canopy standing will most likely be made from metal. By using cushioned pads around the base of these legs, you have peace of mind that accidental bumps or trips won’t cause damage – to your children, students or to your canopy!

These weatherproof pads become an attractive addition to any external canopy, sunshade, or awning, providing a pop of colour as well as additional safety. Their quick-attach Velcro strappings mean pads can easily be added or removed when needed, as well as simplifying any cleaning or maintenance to the pads themselves or the underlying structure of the awning or canopy.

They provide an additional layer of protection to the powder coated substructure and the range of available colours makes matching the leg pads to other buildings or colour schemes as simple as possible.

The soft and squishy padded design means even high-speed contact or accidents are much less likely to cause any harm, and the pads themselves are a clear sign that the safety and security of children is your highest priority. Parents and caregivers will be amazed at your attention to detail when they see the results of a professional and safe canopy installation from Inside2Outside.


We have a huge range of bespoke colours from powder coatings to the canopies themselves. Let your imagination run wild when you choose a canopy, sunshade, or awning from Inside2Outside. Contact us today and we would be delighted to offer a free site visit where we can show you the full range of fun, attractive colour options to match your needs.

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