Bespoke canopies, designed by architects, for any space and purpose.
We design and manufacture freestanding canopies, tensile structures and covered walkways to businesses around the UK.

We work with restaurants, retail parks, hotels, leisure centres, nursing homes, hospitals, schools, and many more to provide sheltered, good quality outdoor space that is guaranteed for at least 10 years.

Right from the very first free, no obligation site visit, we can work with you to realise your vision for transforming the spaces outside your business. No too companies are alike, and we understand that what works for your outdoor space may not be the same as others. That is why we pride ourselves on delivering a fully custom, bespoke design and installation process – to provide you with the unique canopy or awning to bring your outdoor space to life. Regardless of whether you need a simple extension to usable space, or a lit and heated outdoor patio dining area that can be used year-round and in any weather, Inside2Outside can provide everything you need to make this vision a reality. Our experienced team would be delighted to explain the various long-lasting and UV resistant options for attractive, colourful branding of your canopy.

A fully bespoke install also gives you control over the use of this new space, both under the awning and on the awning itself! The increased surface area is perfect for applying advertising or branding for your business, to draw eyes and create attention for your business and its services. We can offer over 200 colour options to ensure that your brand-new bespoke awning matches your branding and style. And with a full servicing option available, our eight-step service programme keeps your awning functioning and looking exactly as it did when it was first installed, across the lifetime of your structure.

The design life of our covered tensile structures is 20+ years, meaning you can rest assured that your attractive outside space development continues to look fantastic and provide the covered, all-weather extension that you need for your business. We also service existing structures and can offer an eight-step service plan for any new installation, ensuring the form and function stay a great fit for your businesses outdoor space.

Inside2Outside have produced high quality outdoor walkways, canopies, awnings, and tensile structures for other 30 years, with our decades of experience allowing us to offer the very best full-service package – from consultation, quotation and design planning to the manufacture, supply and installation of your bespoke awning or canopy.

Over the last decade, we have become heavily involved in the latest research regarding flexible photovoltaic membranes. We are a significant player in a consortium of research and industry institutions including Cambridge and Swansea universities and Siemens, SKANSKA and TATA Steel. With funding from the UK government and European research bodies we aim to develop the next generation of long-lasting and efficient solar photovoltaic generation built on flexible weatherproof membranes.

Our innovative research on this Tensile PV material is just one example of the work we put in to be on the cutting edge of technology and offer the latest in advances to solar power and durable multipurpose outdoor spaces.

For the last thirty years we have enjoyed our close working relationship with clients and customers, working hard to ensure that every step of the design to installation process works exactly how you need it to. A fully customisable and bespoke design can be seen to competition by our highly trained and experienced installation teams, ensuring the entire project is completed ‘in-house’ by the same people who designed it. Our attention to detail and eye for guiding effective design means that a huge range of businesses can benefit from our knowledge and transform their outdoor spaces to work for them.

Even our well-regarded Qube system of free standing, durable canopies allow a modular design, creating simple yet bespoke solutions and opening up the possibility of reconfiguring or extending existing structures. Our flexible canopies block harmful UV rays while their translucent design means sunlight can still pass through. This feature increases the benefits of shading while still maintaining the attractive light and airy nature of an outdoor space.

They work perfectly as simple, low maintenance solutions to a range of outdoor space needs, and the 20-year warranty means your structure will continue to function for decades. We are also happy to offer a full servicing package to keep your canopy or awning looking as fresh and attractive as the day it was first installed. With hard wearing coverings and strong yet light aluminium framing, all of our outdoor awning and canopy solutions are built to last. Not only do they transform outdoor spaces into areas that can be used year-round in any weather conditions, but they stand up to the constantly unpredictable weather well into the future.

Bespoke AWnings

We use high quality PVC coated polyester for the construction of our beautifully shaped tensile structures. It is chosen not only for its excellent strength, flexibility and translucency, but also for its impressive design life of 20+ years. The PVC polyester coating includes UV stabilisers, fire retardant additives, colouring and anti-fungicides and it can be fully recycled – making it an excellent construction material for both permanent and temporary tensile structures.