Domestic Canopies

Benefit from a stylish, modern covered area all year round.
Install one of our high quality, durable Qube™ canopies in your garden and benefit from a stylish covered area that can be used whatever the weather. Designed to keep you cool in the hot sun, safe from UV rays, and sheltered on those frequent British rainy days!

There are many options available, whether it’s our famous Qube™ canopy, an awning supplied by our friends at Weinor, or something bespoke created by our team. All canopies manufactured by i2o Ltd are made to measure and with a 10-year guarantee.

Install one of our high quality Qube canopies in your garden and benefit from a stylish covered area that can be used whatever the weather. Designed to keep you cool in the hot sun, safe from UV rays, and sheltered on those frequent British rainy days! Made to measure, and with a 10-year guarantee, the attractive, modular design is available in a range of over 200 colours, meaning your outdoor space can be matched to and reflect the aesthetic of your home. We can guide you all the way from a free, no obligation site visit, through the planning and design of the perfect addition to your garden or outdoor space. All of our installations are carried out by our highly trained and experienced technicians to ensure that your vision for the outdoor space is realised as quickly and professionally as possible. Qube canopies feature a modular design, so expanding and developing your outdoor space can be as simple as adding additional structures, and once you’ve experienced the hard-wearing, weatherproof shade of a Qube canopy installed by Inside2Outside we’re sure you’ll have many ideas of how to expand the shade over your garden or outdoor space.

But freestanding Qube canopies aren’t our only speciality. We are also a licensed supplier and installer of industry leading Weinor awnings. These German-engineered awnings come in a range of styles, from extending cassette awnings with handle or remote-control operation to simple open awnings in a range of attractive styles and colours. Add value and function to your property by taking full advantage of your outdoor spaces, gardens, balconies, or patios whatever the weather. The advanced design of these world-renowned awnings gives you full UV protection under the sun, a weatherproof space during bad weather and the ability to extend or retract shade from your outdoor space rapidly and quietly. With optional LED lighting available across the range, your patio, balcony, or garden become usable well into those long summer nights or early winter evenings. Weinor awnings are not available online, they can only be supplied by highly trained and licensed technicians from reputable companies like Inside2Outside. Our decades of experience make us the natural choice for high-quality projects to transform your home with Weinor German-engineered awnings.

Weinor also lead the way in using sustainable, recycled plastics to produce their awning materials. Using 328 plastic bottles, Weinor are able to craft 21m2 of UV protective, attractive awning using 85% recycled materials. Fully certified by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) scheme, these awnings are guaranteed to offer a better environmental impact in regard to water usage, energy usage and CO2 emissions. Their spinneret dying technology embeds the attractive range of pigment options into the fabric itself, ensuring the longest-lasting, brightest colours for your installation. Memory-Effekt fabric bounces back to its original shape, meaning your awning will continue to look fantastic, without the creasing and wear of competing fabrics, for many years to come. By adding a Teflon coating, weathering effects are minimised, with rain, mosses and lichen simply rolling off the surface. These three technologies together ensure some of the hardest-wearing and long-lasting awnings available – without sacrificing on attractive colour and style choices

At Inside2Outside, we understand that every home is unique. That’s why we offer a bespoke design and installation process to match your brand-new canopy or awning to your individual needs. For the last thirty years we have worked hard to build a positive reputation among our many satisfied customers and look forward to discussing the unique needs of your project during one of our no obligation, free home visits. We can show you the latest advances in flexible, photovoltaic coverings that can generate solar electricity above your carport or in your garden. People across the country are turning to clean, green, and cost-effective energy generation through the installation of solar panels. We are at the forefront of research into these next-generation solar power generating materials, having worked closely with Cambridge University amongst other well-known research partners to develop Tensile PV. This flexible, hard-wearing material represents the latest breakthrough in functional, versatile solar power generation and could save you money on your ever-rising energy bills.

We have been involved with the development of Tensile PV right from the start, with major research organisations in the UK and Europe funding a consortium of expert industrial and academic institutions including the aforementioned Cambridge University, the University of Swansea, TATA Steel, Siemens and SKANSKA alongside our sister-company in domestic photovoltaic installations – FlexiSolar. The joint expertise of Inside2Outside in designing, supplying and installing the highest-quality awnings and canopies and FlexiSolar in planning and executing effective, efficient solar power installations gives you peace of mind in knowing your project has been handled by industry leading technicians with the experience and capability to handle a full range of project scales.

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