Outdoor Dining Canopies

Provide a sheltered, attractive outdoor areas so you can achieve maximum cover potential no matter what the weather.

We design and manufacture freestanding canopies that are perfect for covered outdoor dining and event areas for restaurants, hotels, pubs and clubs.

We design and manufacture and supply freestanding canopies that make the perfect addition for covered outdoor dining and event areas for restaurants, hotels, pubs, and clubs.

Control the summer surge at your restaurant, hotel, or bar, and spread the profits throughout the year with a long-term outdoor canopy. Create a covered outdoor area dining and events area that can be used all year round, whatever the weather.

Retractable Awnings

Over the last two years, over 17,000 new seats were created outside at bars, pubs, hotels, cafés, and a whole host of other dining and drinking establishments. Pavement licenses for outside dining were granted at a rate never before seen, with thousands of applicants seeing the real immediate benefits of creating additional space for their business and guests outside.

We can help you bring those spaces to life throughout the year, whatever the unpredictable British weather! From retractable awnings with electric motors and remote-control movement to freestanding and permanent structures that are entirely enclosed. We would love the opportunity to discuss your options with you, either on our website, in person or over the phone as we believe we can add real value and exciting possibilities to any outdoor space for any business.

A recent article by the card payment provider Square and published by Forbes magazine suggests creating a specific outdoor menu – giving you full control over your ability to manage the space effectively and maximise profits. Windows or doors underneath the awning could be repurposed as serving hatches, further simplifying the process for your business and your guests.

If you offer takeaway options, consider positioning the collection area near your attractive outdoor awning space and increase the likelihood that customers will choose to eat or drink at your venue next time they pay a visit. The awning can also offer a large surface area to advertise your business, your specialities or any other advertisements or messages. The value to your brand and profitability goes beyond simply increasing floor space and number of covers at your establishment and can act to build your brand throughout the year.

QUBE Canopy

Our awnings are perfect for restaurants, bars, and hotels, and roll back silently either with a handle or a remote control. The outside room you create will add further turnover to your business immediately, whether it’s creating an outside canopy dining area or versatile weather protection over an entrance. When they are open, enjoy pure fun in the sun, and when closed, it filters out the sunlight and provides UV protection.

With the possibility of adding attractive lighting options to your awning area, you create a space that can be used throughout the day and into the evening. With the addition of popular and attractive outdoor heaters in a range of styles and colours the space becomes a beautiful and versatile outdoor dining or drinks area which can be used year-round and provide ‘kerb-appeal’ to a variety of businesses in the hospitality sector.

Outdoor events become a real option throughout the year and can further act to promote your brand and drive business and profitability. The unpredictable British weather is no longer an obstacle to making full use of your outdoor space and maximising your ability to profit from the recent surge in popularity that continental style outdoor dining has seen in recent years. Adding an awning can be the key to making the most of your space with a patio of happy customers under attractive weatherproof awnings in your brand colours and bearing your company name an excellent advert for your brand whatever the season.

Hotels, bars, pubs, clubs, and restaurants across the UK have seen the real and immediate benefits of adding additional space, tables and more importantly revenue through adding usable space under an attractive awning from Inside2Outside. Our silent operating remotely controlled awnings mean your guests will never be disturbed as you discretely add shade or weatherproofing to your patio or outside dining space. Cover and uncover your outdoor space with ease, meaning you always make the most of the space and the unpredictable British weather!

We supply, design, and manufacture a wide range of products and outdoor canopies for sale which are available online in the UK. Whether you need something unobtrusive or a long-term product with stable, windproof construction we have the expertise to deliver exactly what you need. All products are convenient, user friendly and bespoke, available in a huge range of colours to match your building or branding.

Bespoke AWnings

We are a versatile company and one of the leading outdoor canopy shelter manufacturer and suppliers in the UK with many years of experience within the industry. We are certainly not limited to a few canopy selections, offering a full-service approach from consultation and design through to supply and installation. From solar carports, coverings for any industry and fully bespoke commercial canopies for sale online in the UK for any project we are sure we can help. Just get in touch via the button below to contact us and book a free site visit or phone survey. We would love the opportunity to discuss project scope and your ideas for transforming the outside spaces of your business. We can offer a free site visit to fully assess your unique needs and circumstances before supplying a free no obligation quotation for the high-quality works that we offer.

Let Inside2Outside show you the full range of transformation possible for your outdoor space today!

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