Small and large scale canopies to provide shade and shelter for your favourite sports. Don’t compromise due to weather.
We like to encourage sports to be accessible all year round, but with the UK weather, this isn't always the case. We design, manufacture and install bespoke sports canopies for clubs, schools, and more.

Our structures are permanent, durable and are designed to last with minimal upkeep for over 20 years. Designed from scratch to your exact requirements, We have worked with a large number of sports clubs, schools and councils across the UK and provided top quality Sports shelters in UK to promote outdoor activities all year round.

QUBE Canopy

CANOPY If you’re looking for shelter for an outdoor gym, table tennis, yoga, or other activities that take places in a relatively small space, our Qube™ canopies are perfect. We use our customisable modular system to design from scratch, so whatever your size requirements are, we can create something to fit. For added shelter and protection, we also offer UPVC glazed sides or roller shutters.

Bespoke Structures

The LTA have estimated that approximately 800,000 people play tennis during the months of June and July, this figure then drops to 300,000 for the rest of the year. By providing covered outdoor courts you will be able to offer your members a more useable all year round space which in turn will not only increase your income stream, but also their ability to practise, compete and participate throughout the whole year.
Our sports structures allow outdoor activities to operate 12 months a year. They provide effective, modern cover for pretty much any outdoor activity. We have a team of in-house designers and architects ready to create your new structure.