Small and large scale canopies to provide shade and shelter for your favourite sports. Don’t compromise due to weather.
We like to encourage sports to be accessible all year round, but with the UK weather, this isn't always the case. We design, manufacture and install bespoke sports canopies for clubs, schools, and more.

At Inside2Outside We like to believe sports and outdoor activities should be accessible all year round, but with the unpredictable UK climate and weather, this isn’t always something which is possible. We design, manufacture, and install bespoke sports canopies for clubs, schools, and more to enable you to take control of your outdoor spaces and continue to operate sports outside whatever the weather.

From sports and outdoor activities requiring a more enclosed space such as table tennis or yoga or creating an open-air gym, to larger scale full-size tennis or badminton courts, many sports can benefit from year-round access to high quality sheltered facilities. With our fold away canopies, you can enjoy the benefits of the sunshine in the summer months before deploying the canopy to take advantage of your space during bad weather or throughout the winter months. Our bespoke awnings and canopies block up to 100% of harmful UV rays, meaning your players stay safe even during heatwaves and hot weather spells. Clearly the benefits are available to your business throughout the year, making Inside2Outside the perfect partner for an investment in your facilities.

We have over a decade of experience supplying high quality and long-lasting outdoor structures to the education sector, with schools and colleges benefiting from our expertise in delivering shade, weatherproofing and attractive design to their playgrounds and outdoor spaces.

Our structures are permanent, durable and are designed to last with minimal upkeep for over 20 years. Designed from scratch to your exact requirements, we have worked with a large number of sports clubs, schools and local councils across the UK and provided top quality sports shelters to the UK market to promote outdoor activities all year round.

By adding lighting to your canopy or awning, the space becomes usable into those earlier winter evenings. We also supply photovoltaic solar energy generating options which can help to offset the cost of any heating or lighting in your covered outdoor sports area. Bring that space to life year-round by choosing Inside2Outside. We offer a free, no obligation site visit to discuss the exact needs of your installation. From planning and quotation to the design, supply, and installation, we even can even offer an eight-point service program to maintain your canopy or awning for years to come. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, contact us today to find out why so many sports clubs and schools are choosing Inside2Outside for all their outdoor space solutions.

QUBE Canopy

If you’re looking for shelter for an outdoor gym, table tennis, yoga, or other activities that take place in a relatively small space, our Qube™ canopies are perfect. We use our customisable modular system to design from scratch, so whatever your size requirements are, we can create something to fit. For added shelter and protection, we also offer UPVC glazed sides or roller shutters.

They work perfectly as simple, low maintenance solutions to a range of outdoor space needs, and the 20-year warranty means your structure will continue to function for decades. We are also happy to offer a full servicing package to keep your canopy or awning looking as fresh and attractive as the day it was first installed. With hard wearing coverings and strong yet light aluminium framing, all of our outdoor awning and canopy solutions are built to last. Not only do they transform outdoor spaces into areas that can be used year-round in any weather conditions, but they stand up to the constantly unpredictable weather well into the future.

Bespoke Structures

The LTA have estimated that approximately 800,000 people play tennis during the months of June and July, this figure then drops to 300,000 for the rest of the year. By providing covered outdoor courts you will be able to offer your members a more useable all year-round space which in turn will not only increase your income stream, but also their ability to practise, compete and participate throughout the whole year.

Attractive, tensile structures can create the perfect addition to any outdoor sports facility, providing shade and UV protection to complement your outdoor areas. We use high quality PVC coated polyester for the construction of our beautifully shaped tensile structures. It is chosen not only for its excellent strength, flexibility and translucency, but also for its impressive design life of 20+ years. The PVC polyester coating includes UV stabilisers, fire retardant additives, colouring and anti-fungicides and it can be fully recycled – making it an excellent construction material for both permanent and temporary tensile structures.

Our sports structures allow outdoor activities to operate 12 months a year. They provide effective, modern cover for pretty much any outdoor activity. We have a team of in-house designers and architects ready to create your new structure. With over 200 different colour options, and hardwearing and rustproof metal structures, we can customise an installation to closely match the branding and aesthetic of your business.

With over 30 years of experience as the leading supplier of canopies, awnings and tensile structures in the UK, contact us today to organise your free, no obligation site visit and discover how Inside2Outside can help you realise your vision for the transformation of your outdoor spaces. Our team of design experts would love to discuss how to turn tired or underutilised spaces into areas that can work for your business, year-round and in any weather.